Safety For Animals
& People In Crisis

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Animal Protection Services Collaboration

When people are at risk, animals are at risk.
When animals are at risk, people are at risk.

Collaboration with Animal Protection Services within our own organization, as well as with outside organizations is critically important. We work alongside Animal Protection Services throughout the province to ensure that as officers investigate animals in need, if there is also a human in need in that home we are able to help them both. 

By helping just the animals, the situations are not likely to be resolved long-term. If the needs of the humans are addressed we find that the situations are often resolved long-term, leading to a better outcome for the pets as well as the people who care for them.  

One example of a situation where we collaborate with Animal Protection Services regularly would be pets who have been abandoned on a property due to the owner’s hospitalization. While these pets are left without a caregiver and in need, their humans are also in need. Our program will take these pets into our care while the owners are hospitalized, preventing the pets from being transferred to rescue and preventing the owners from losing their pets.