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Crisis Intervention

When people are faced with difficult situations they may experience a great deal of stress. Often times knowing where to start or who to call for help is a challenge. Our staff is trained in assisting clients through discussing their situation and reducing their anxiety and stress while helping clients form a plan of how to manage their situation.

Crisis Intervention is helping an individual to understand and cope with intense feelings or emotions that are brought on by a crisis event.

We offer Crisis Intervention to every person who calls whether they end up placing their pet with us or not, as well as to individuals who do not need assistance caring for pets themselves, but are concerned about others in their lives who cannot care for their pets.

Crisis Intervention is always the first step in any of our intake calls. Many times Crisis Intervention occurs through simply having a conversation that manages to relieves anxiety and stress, other times if the clients are experiencing a great deal of stress and having difficulty coping our team will reach out to other agencies and resources to better assist the individuals in need.

Crisis Intervention doesn’t just happen at the time of intake, often times clients will require multiple Crisis Intervention conversations throughout their time in our program while they work to overcome barriers to have their pets back home with them.