Safety For Animals
& People In Crisis

Greg lived on the streets long-term with his companion dog, 16 year old Beagle mix, Chance. Our partner agency in the community regularly helped Greg and Chance out, offering shelter when it was very cold and giving food donations when Greg couldn’t afford it. After this past winter Greg decided it would be best for Chance if he could find a home for them to move into. Chance was slowing down with age and living outdoors was becoming hard on him. Greg wanted to make a change that would better his life, simply because it would improve his dog’s life.

Accessing resources and making it to meetings was a bit of a challenge while having to bring Chance everywhere he went; placing Chance in our program gave Greg the time to focus on addressing his issues so he could find housing.

Tragically, Chance was diagnosed with terminal cancer before he could be reunited with Greg. With no treatment options available, Chance was made as comfortable as could be and passed peacefully surrounded by new friends.

This story is not unique.

When in crisis, pet owners are often unable to focus on their own mental and physical wellbeing until they know that their companion animal will be safe. The Crisis Care Program provides reprieve to pet owners dealing with a life-changing event that impedes on their ability to care for their companion animal(s). 

The Alberta SPCA’s Crisis Care Program was launched in 2019. This program is designed for individuals that have run out of safe options, it is a last resort program for individuals experiencing crisis and are unable to care for their animals temporarily.

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Refuge should be available to everyone.