Safety For Animals
& People In Crisis



Information for Human Service Professionals

Why is collaboration between human service professionals and animal care professionals important?

Pet owners are unable to focus on their own needs when the needs of their animals are not being met. By allowing clients’ safety and care for their pets, the clients are then able to focus on their needs and work to achieve better outcomes. One Family Welfare has addressed the gap between human services and animal services ensuring that all aspects of a family are able to receive help.

How can interested human service professionals start collaboration with One Family Welfare?

Any human service professional that wishes to become a part of One Family Welfare can do so by contacting us at 780-447-3600 ext 3750 or through email at

What is needed to get involved?

  1. To collaborate with us contact 780-447-3600 ext 3750 so that we can discuss all of the programs and services we have available.

  2. Once we identify which programs and/or services would be beneficial to your agency and for your clients, will will provide you with a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) to complete. 

    Clients of agency partners who have completed an MOU are given priority access (no wait time).

  3. Contact One Family Welfare when you have a client who has pets and you want more information on what you can do to help them.