Safety For Animals
& People In Crisis


Cruelty Connections

Animal Abuse: Tip of the Iceberg.

Animal Abuse Can Be ‘Tip of the Iceberg” Indicator of Interpersonal Violence. 

Animal Cruelty and Human Violence.

Animal Cruelty’s Link To Other Forms of Community Violence.

Cross-reporting and The Charlotte Project.

Helping People and Animals Together.

Battered Pets and Domestic Violence.

Inside The Cruelty Connection.

Link Between Animal Cruelty and Human Abuse.

Protecting Domestic Violence Victims by Protecting Their Pets.

Animal Cruelty Syndrome.

Cruelty Connection.

The Effects of Family Violence on Pets.

The Link – Animal Abuse, Child Abuse & Domestic Abuse.

The Missed Dangerous Connection.

The Link – Interpersonal Violence and Abuse and Animal Safekeeping.

Understanding The Link.

The Link – Cruelty to Animals and Violence Towards People.

The Link Across The Lifespan.