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Renting With Pet(s)

What You Should Know

When choosing a new home for your family, it is important to not only pick one that is adequate for the humans, but for your pets as well.

In Alberta, property owners have the right to allow or deny any or all pets on a property, even small pets who live in contained dwellings (hamsters, fish, reptiles). It is important to ask about all pets when looking at a rental property, not just cats or dogs. Property owners maintain the right to refuse any specific breed, size, or type of pet they choose, it is important to discuss the details of your rental agreement and be clear about your current or future pets with a property owner or landlord, as not following guidelines is a breach of your lease and could result in eviction.

This booklet outlines the Alberta law as it correlates to pet ownership, what you can do if you have a dispute, and where to go if you need further help or information.

You can end your rental lease early if you are fleeing domestic violence. 

Helpful Tips

Ask about pets in your first call of interest to the rental property.
– If a property does not allow pets, do not rent. Sneaking pets into a property that does not allow them leaves you open to eviction.

Review your lease agreement.
– Thoroughly read your lease agreement prior to signing and make sure it clearly allows your pets to be in the rental, if it seems confusing ask for the lease to be amended.

Always ask for permission.
– Ensure to get permission to have any new pets in an existing rental, even if you already have one and are adding another. Have permission given in writing.

Don’t forget about your pets.
– When your lease is up for renewal make sure they include all your pets, each time you sign lease it is a new agreement and the old one becomes void.

Give yourself lots of time.
– When preparing to move to a new home make sure to give yourself some extra time to find a place that will best accommodate you and all your pets.

Credit: CPLEA