Safety For Animals
& People In Crisis


Violence Against Women

Battered Pets and Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Safety Planning with Rural, Remote, and Northern Populations.

Development of Supports for Affluent Survivors.

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse.

Domestic Violence in Ethno-Cultural Communities.

Enhancing Impact to End Violence.

Family Violence Hurts Everyone.

Financial Safety Planning Guide for Domestic Violence.

Gas Lighting in Intimate Partner Relationships.

Keeping Pets Safe in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence.

My Dog Is Family – Domestic Abuse Victims and the Pets They Can’t Leave.

Pet Abuse As Part of Intimate Partner Violence.

Pet Safety and Women.

Pets and Domestic Violence.

Pets in Danger.

Protecting Domestic Violence Victims By Protecting Their Pets.

Psychosocial Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence for Women and Men in Canada.

Real Talk: Domestic Violence.

Safety Planning After You Have Left.

The Effects of Pet Ownership on Women’s Experiences of Escaping Domestic Violence.